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4LBZ-145 Half-feed Combine Harvester

Product Description

1.Adopts 75HP engine with high power and low fuel consumption.
2.4 Rows cutting bar for different areas of fields.
3.Bigger threshing cylinder ensures grain lose less and much cleaner.
4.Stronger rubber track 450*90*48 for working more efficient in deep mud field.



Dimension (Length*Width*Height) mm


Weight (kg)


Working efficiency (hm2/h)


Cutting rows


Cutting width (mm)







Water cool, four stroke,turbocharging diesel engine

Output/rpm (HP/rpm)


Fuel tank capacity (L)



Traveling system (riding_wheel system)

Crawler specification

(width*length of ground connection)


Ground pressure (kpa)


Ground clearance

220 mm




Working parts

Threshing cylinder


Axial flow, spike tooth

Diameter& length


Grain unloading method

Single Direction/Multiple Direction

Grain tank capacity


Total loss (%)


Breakage rate (%)


Impurity rate (%)



China LIANGYI Group, headquartered in Zhejiang Province, China. Its subsidiaries include: Taizhou LIANGYI Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Huzhou LIANGYI Construction Co., Ltd., Yangzhou LIANGYI Power Co., Ltd., and Huzhou LIANGYI Import and Export Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of agricultural and forestry machinery and construction machinery.

The company is famous China 4LBZ-145 Half-feed Combine Harvester suppliers and OEM/ODM 4LBZ-145 Half-feed Combine Harvester company. There are more than 500 dealers at home and abroad, and the OEM 4LBZ-145 Half-feed Combine Harvester sales network covers Asia, Africa, Central and South America and other places. Among them, the rice harvester and rice transplanter series are well-known at home and abroad for their superior quality.

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